Fattoria Ramerino - Organic extra virgin olive oil

500 ml

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The single variety oils were developed to best ex- press the characteristics and peculiarities of the single cultivars. Cultivar Frantoio is one of the best pressings obtained from olives of the Frantoio variety, a variety typical of our production area.

Production Zone: Hills to the South of Firenze
Geographical Area: Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli in Florence
Height:above sea level 250 m s.l.m.
Olive Orchard Age: Plants 25 years of age
First crop on the market: 2013
Form of cultivation: Polyconic Vase
Varietal: Frantoio
Soil Management: Natural grass
Harvesting System: Mechanical olive picking system.
Time between harvest and olive production: Maximum 12 hours
Type of Milling: Mechanical knife crusher.
Type of Extraction: Centrifugal cold press extractor
Harvest Period: November
Paperboard Filtering: immediate filtration cartoons
Bottling: In-company bottling with vacuum technology
Acidity: 0,15 % and 0,25 % (gr oleic acid/100gr)
Peroxides: Peroxides below 5 meqO2/kg

Sensory characteristics

Medium fruity oil from green olives with hints of artichoke and fresh almond. The taste has bitter and tangy medium notes in equilibrium with each other. Notes of fresh fruit and almond. Green color with yellow veining. For use on dishes where olive oil is the main ingredient as for example the typical garlic bread “fettunta” and the raw vegetables dip “pinzimonio”, or to be combined with dishes with a strong flavor such as “ribollita” the typical Tuscan soup made of bread, vegetables, beans, and black cabbage, or with “fagioli al fiasco” white beans cooked in a flask.