Fattoria Ramerino - GUADAGNÒLO PRIMUS


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While renovating the premises, a Guadagnòlo was found together with some terracotta oil jars from Impruneta. For this reason, the name Guadagnòlo was chosen for the oil of Fattoria Ramerino.

Production Zone / Hills to the South of Firenze
Geographical Area / Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli in Florence
Height / above sea level 250 m s.l.m.
Olive Orchard Age / Centuries-old trees
First crop on the market / 2003
Form of cultivation / Polyconic Vase
Varietal / Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino e Americano
Soil Management / Natural grass
Harvesting System / By hand using facilitators, in perforated crates
Time between harvest and olive production / Maximum 12 hours
Type of Milling / Mechanical crusher
Type of Extraction / Centrifugal cold press extractor
Harvest Period / October November
Paperboard Filtering / Within 12 hours of extraction
Bottling / On the business premises
Acidity / 0,15 % and 0,25 % (gr oleic acid/100gr)
Peroxides / Between 4 and 6 meqO2/kg

Sensory characteristics /
Medium intensity fruity aroma of green olives with
hints of grass and artichoke. The flavour is a balance
of medium intensity pungent and bitterness characteristics. Green color veined with yellow.
Perfectadded as is to dishes with distinctive flavours such as ribollita (vegetable and bread soup), grain and pulse
soups, grilled meats and cooked vegetables.