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Reggello and its green gold


Extravirgin olive oil, a real and true treasure

by Giuliana Cantini

An extraordinary product, fruit of a unique territory. In Reggello, with the arrival of autumn, the anticipation to know the quantity and quality of the extra virgin olive oil produced in this strip of land under the shadow of the Pratomagno Mass, rises. The “green gold” represents one of the area’s merits, thanks to its low acidity and unique organoleptic features due to olive groves located also over 300 metres in height and to the peculiarity of the soil. Reference to the production of oil in Reggello is found in ancient papers dating back to 1300; 15th century documents, instead, praise its quality, saying just how precious it is, enough to cost 4 florins per hectoliter while in some 16th century findings there is mention of the first exports overseas. A millennial history which has reached our days as Reggello Toscano IGP extra virgin olive oil, amongst the most requested and appreciated all over Italy.
To celebrate this product, the Municipality of Reggello organizes the Rassegna dell’Olio Extravergine d’oliva, which has reached its 44th edition and takes place on 3rd, 4th and 5th November in the historic town centre. You can taste and buy the olio novo(new oil) of all the most prestigious labels, now known all over Italy.
“Oil is one of the symbols of our community,” states the Mayor of Reggello, Cristiano Benucci, “the term excellencemust be linked to the term perfection, because the chemical and organoleptic features which makes it stand out render it one of the absolute best on the national scene.” It is still not possible to know how the year has been and what will be the production and the yield of the olives, but one thing is sure: those who go to Reggello will taste one of the true treasures of our land.