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30th International Biennial Antiques Fair of Florence


Artistic late twentieth century masterpieces

by Francesca Soldani

Florence: the art city par excellence, the first in Europe for cultural life, a precious jewel where for centuries able craftsmen’s hands have entwined with strategist minds of art merchants intent on proposing works of art to the world. There are those who, right in the heart of the Renaissance city, fervourously preserve their masterpieces and keep them hidden jealously until the opening of International Biennial of Antiques of Florence at Palazzo Corsini. For the thirtieth consecutive year the city is ready for the event of the international market of Italian antiques, from 23rd September to 1st October 2017. “It is the first trade fair of its kind in the world and second in importance,” the secretary general Fabrizio Moretti explains. “We have been trying to bring forward a project born 58 years ago by the Bellini brothers, for the love of antique art, the art market, exchanges. With the Biennial, in our own small way, we bring a little bit of light”. 3,000 works and 80 Italian and foreign galleries have a date at Palazzo Corsini amongst paintings, sculptures, unknown drawings and design furniture; still lifeby Paolo Castelli, “Rest during the flight to Egypt” by OrazioSamacchini, a canvas painting of St. Peter by Cagnaccio, a collection of drawings by Gustav Klimt, a study of virile nudes by Tintoretto, a 16th-century sculpture by Giovanni Angelo Del Maino.All the works are selected by avetting commission to check their authenticity. Special guest is the contemporary Swiss artist, Urs Fischer. “The 2017 edition,” states Moretti, “expands its time spanuntil the Eighties of the twentieth century: a choice which intends to encourage a kind of collecting able to merge works of various eras, from archeology to contemporary, crossing all the great moments of the universal history of art.” But all these new things do not end here because the setting at Palazzo Corsini has been entrusted to the pencil of Matteo Corvino, a Venetian interior designer and scenographer: his modern taste gives a touch of elegance to the 17th-century architecture of the Palazzo blending a vast glass ceiling for the central itinerary. And from the terrace a splendid Italian roof garden can be enjoyed with a view of the Arno and LungarnoCorsini, one of the most beautiful in the city. “The exhibition,” comments the secretary general of the Biennial of Florence, “is founded on a basic concept: the Great Exhibition of Italian art. We believe in it, we love art and believe that Italian art is the first of its kind and many have come to Italy to understand the genius of this country.”

International Biennial Antiques Fair
23rd September - 1st October
Palazzo Corsini
via del Parione, 11 - Florence
Opening hours: every day, from 10.30am to 8.00pm
Tickets: 15 euros full price, 10 euros reduced