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Colle Bereto: wine and more


Contemporary art encounters the art of wine-making

by Renzo Vatti

Travelling along the road leading to the heart of Radda in Chianti, crossing the rolling and peaceful slopes the Chianti offers travellers, you reach Colle Bereto. This magic place managed to captivate the Pinzauti family over thirty years ago, and they chose it as the location from where to set off their own wine-making adventure following the principles of organic agriculture. The architectural character of the place, whose origins date back to the 11th century, enjoys a new life nowadays, totally blending with the elegant rows of vines, olive trees and woodlands enclosing and protecting all the Borgo. We find the Sangiovese, nobile vine of these parts, in the wines produced by the company: Chianti Classico, Chianti ClassicoRiserva and in Chianti Classico Gran Selezione; Pinot Nero and Merlot render their utmost in Il Cenno and Pinot Bianco respectively. Pinot Nero is protagonist in Colle B even in the production of champagne method spumante(sparkling wine). Albo, instead, is Colle Bereto’s white wine, made up of Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco. Moreover, in collaboration with “DistilleriaNannoni” , Grappa Bianca is made, bottled after distillation and Grappa Riserva, bottled after 3 years refining in barrels. From the beautiful olive grove, an excellent quality extra-virgin olive oil is produced, of a typically Tuscan taste.It is possible to visit the enterprise, the traditional grinding oil mill and the olive oil storage cellar upon booking, and also taste the products guided by the company’s manager, Bernardo Bianchi. Until 30th October, Colle Bereto is among the six locations taking part in the second edition of Art of the Treasure Hunt, a review bringing contemporary art to some of the most evocative parts of the Tuscan wine-making landscapes with sculptures and installations by artists of international fame. The event is organizedby Luziah Hennessy and organized by Kasia Redzisz, senior curator of Tate in Liverpool. On the estate there are works by the Greek-Italian contemporary artist JannisKounellis, an open-air aquatic sculpture by the American multidisciplinary artist Kiki Smith together with the statue The man who measures clouds by the Belgian artist Jan Fabre which has also been displayed in Florence; the famous photographer Massimo Listri, instead, displays a series of beautiful photos next to the work by the Brazilian artist Cabelo with his fabric prints. At the end of the event, the work The man who measures clouds by Fabre will remain permanently exhibited at Colle Bereto.

01_The vineyards of the estate
02_The cellar
03_The man who measures clouds by Jan Fabre
04_05 (unicadida): External details