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Vivid and sweet-smelling Tuscan summer


by Barbara Becarelli, ph. Irene Boni, Diana Grandi, Barbara Becarelli, Jens Schmidt, Duccio Nacci

That which starts on 21st June is the most-awaited for and loved season to enjoy the sun and fresh air late into the evening with a show of candles accompanied by the singing of birds and cicadas. Even Tuscany enjoys calm and warm days in summer, full of fragrances and intense flavours coming from fields of corn, barley, sunflowers and wheat fringed with wild flowers such as daisies, nigella, St. John’s wort and solidago. Even the gardens are suddenly overwhelmed with lush plants and hydrangeas, roses, solanum and agapanthus, amazing to see; other varieties are added to all this, having countless properties such as jasmine, geraniums and lavender with their intoxicating perfumes, all excellent mosquito repellents. All this splendor, framed by the richness coming from art and history has always seen Tuscany as being the ideal destination for a holiday dedicated to good taste and beauty, apart from being chosen as a wedding location. With its ideal microclimate, this region is the perfect cradle for plants and flowers which bloom spectacularly: from chamomile to hiperico to lavender which have so many beneficial properties for health and beauty. Even nowadays the tradition of extracting essential oils from these plants for their benefits is very much alive. Amongst them all, the one that is mainly used is lavender: its flowers are gathered by the workers at the end of July to be then distilled and to obtain the essential oil considered to be a tranquillizer, par excellence.

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Individual and group courses for floral decorations are organized at the floral and calligraphic workshop for decorations of events, as well as the creation of work on commission. In summer, groups for the gathering and extraction of flowers and aromatic plants are organized.

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