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Genten, beauty beyond time


by Flavia Massimi

In between restoration works at Cortile di Michelozzo and the new Soetsu collection

Three main concepts are the leitmotif of every Genten collection where Italy and Japan fuse together in a project to make a refined product: respect for the environment, keeping the value of things well in mind, create items lasting in time.
The brand’s mission is exactly that, to keep a privileged and respectful relationship between man and environment and thus even the safeguarding of artistic and architectural wealth becomes one of the company’s fundamental concepts. In order to carry out this principle, Genten decided to start a collaboration with the Municipality of Florence, supporting some projects tied to the artistic and architectural wealth of the city: since 2015, the designer brand has contributed to the restoration of the Cortile di Michelozzo with a financial contribution of about 500,000 euros. With the completion of the decorations on the Northern wall and the Eastern one with Linz’s views, Possonia (Bratislava) and Vienna, the restoration of the decorations on the Western wall will be brought to an end by 2018 after five years, thus terminating the set goals and returning one of the city’s sources of pride.
Amongst the new items proposed for 2018 by the Japanese designer brand, there is the ladies’ wear line and accessories Souetsu, freely inspired by the xylography “The large wave of Kanagawa”. Souetsu is a line produced in Japan and distributed under the brand Genten. Indeed, the designer label has started a collaboration with the Japan Leather Promotion Committee since 2015 aimed at producing leatherwear keeping a very watchful eye on the manufacture and a focus on traditional Japanese art. Souetsu proposes a fashion which respects nature and the environment: entirely produced in naturally tanned leather and handmade by Japanese craftsmen, the collection is freely inspired by the xylography “The great wave of Kanagawa” and other more famous works by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai (Tokyo 1760-1849). The pictures, given to Genten by the Hokusai Museum in Tokyo are printed with natural colours on suede tunics, hand-woven leather waistcoats and trousers. The line of accessories includes hats and bags as well as some household items such as coasters and small knickknack boxes.

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