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Casa Ceccatelli


by Gina Tringali, ph. Sofie Delauw

A Tuscan Tale of love of food, family and tradition

Casa Ceccatelli is a tale of love of food, family and tradition with an eye towards the future. In 1890, the tiny butcher shop opened on Piazza Matteotti in the quaint Tuscan town of Greve-in-Chianti, quickly cherished for its authentic products and homely atmosphere, where clients are friends.
Having absorbed the passion and knowledge from his mother Gabriella Ceccatelli, who managed the shop for 65 years, Paolo Fagotti fondly recalls helping his parents make 500 kg of sausages at age 9. Although he only tied 100 kg, he was happy of his contribution.
Today Paolo greets customers from behind the counter and assembles chacuterie boards served at tables outside. The team behind the smart décor and varied collection of food and wines are Paolo, his Italian-American wife Daniela and other trusted advisors. Their love story began in 1990 when Daniela was studying fashion design in Florence. Paolo caught her attention with his witty humor and head-turning Jean-Paul Gaultier jacket. They married seven years later. In 2016, with many years of professional experience in food both in Italy and abroad, Paolo´s palate and Daniela´s eye for design, they set out to share the uniqueness of Casa Ceccatelli beyond the shop-walls, creating a select line of elegantly labeled gourmet products available in the shop and also internationally via the ecommerce site.
The world of Casa Ceccatelli is one made of quality food items and wines honoring family recipes and artisan traditions. The sign above the entryway is regal and rustic; a tribute to the shop´s past female leadership and evolution toward organics. The collage of B&W photos paints the bottega,the land and the family´s history. A wrought-iron display is filled with six organic wines made from acclaimed Tuscan grapes from a vineyard located in the heart of Chianti. Camboli Super-Tuscan IGT, Chianti Riserva DOCG and Chianti DOCG are perfect partners for hearty Tuscan fare. Original cream marble tiles lead up to the display where Paolo preps organic and free-range beef, chicken, lamb and sausages with seasonings from large jars. Fresh and aged pecorino cheese and bayleaf, truffle, wild boar, and rosemary in addition to finocchiona (fennel) salamis hang nearby. Jars of sale aromatico (Tuscan salt-organic herb mix) perfect for seasoning meats, traditional sauces and condiments like ragù di carne (Ceccatelli´s signature meat sauce), extra-virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar grace shelves.
Two years in the making, the expanding Ceccatelli collection will be available online shortly. Perhaps the best way to sum up Paolo and Daniela´s sincere enthusiasm is with the Casa Ceccatelli motto “There is no love more sincere than the love of food.”