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A varied and tasty autumn Tuscany


by Barbara Becarelli, ph. Barbara Becarelli, Irene Boni

Between the end of September and the beginning of October, when the leaves on the trees and in the vineyards start their transformation, autumn is hailed with its strong colours ranging from green to brown through a large scale of yellows, oranges and reds dotted here and there with spots of pink, blue and white. While the recently-picked grapes are in the process of becoming precious wine, the vineyards of the Tuscan hills change into special iridescent velvet cloaks of the warmest hues. This is the season of the harvesting of those fruits and vegetables which grew during the summer, very useful for most part of the winter. From the kitchen gardens, the winter and ornamental pumpkins will be perfect for juicy soups and from the woods, chestnuts, loquats, arbutus berries, berries, mushrooms and truffles will complete perfect menus with the intense fragrances from the earth to the table. Even in autumn we can have coloured balconies and gardens with flowering plants of asters, cyclamens, heather, skimmia, celosia, ornamental cabbages and, as usual, they can be protagonists of new decors for tables set for dinner parties under the last warm rays of sunshine or the first cool evenings waiting for the indoor warmth.

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