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Villa Rosa, is Castellina in Chianti and its land


by Marco Gemelli

A story of vineyards and men

Cecchi’s latest wine holds the very soul and essence of Chianti: from a story of a great land and great men, who helped extract the very best out of it, comes a wine which further enhances the portfolio of the Tuscan enterprise and enters with full rights in the world of Gran Selezione, the new kind of reds created by the Chianti Classico Consortium as expression of the finest grapes, the best vineyards. Thus Gran Selezione Villa Rosa is born with the first 13 thousand bottles of the 2015 vintage, one of the top years of this first part of the century. Elegantly clad, coming from a contemporary design studio, the new bottle with the rose window brand intends to represent, in a perfect visual synthesis, the idea the Cecchi family want to launch with this wine: elegance, territoriality, a story of vineyards and men. And the men are amongst those who made the legend of the Chianti Classico. Villa Rosa means Giulio Gambelli, the “Master of the Sangiovese” authentic intermediary between the Cecchi family and the previous owners, the Lucherini Bandini family. And it is exactly the Sangiovese, the queen grape of the Chianti Classico, that Cecchi puts at the centre of the project and that strongly identifies and embodies Gran Selezione. “You can grow even looking back at the past,” Andrea Cecchi reflects, thinking of the history Villa Rosa carries and of the new adventure started with the 2015 harvest. “After all,” he continues, “we needed a great harvest to launch this product.” An idea that follows precise periods of time from the ripening of the grapes in the vineyard to the winemaking and aging phases going through the thirty months as per the rules and regulations for the Gran Selezione, which is ready for sale next September after having spent the right time to age in the bottles in the cool cellar. “Anyway, for us it is a return to the origins,” adds Andrea Cecchi. “We want“, he continues, “this wine to represent the maximum expression of the Sangiovese and of Castellina in Chianti because Cecchi today is Castellina and its lands.” A land which holds optimum conditions due to its altitude, exposition, climate, soils. In one word, the soul. And Villa Rosa with its 126 hectares, 30 of which mainly Sangiovese vineyards (more than 15 are olive groves) and its clay and limestone soils, can mirror this very soul. That is, the cru. “I’m happy to see this dream come true,” Cesare Cecchi concludes, “started with a handshake between two friends in 2014 and made official at the beginning of 2015. Just like anything that is born and comes alive I hope that this Gran Selezione can best represent the values of a family of great traditions”.