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Tuscany and the Etruscans


by Daniele Di Camillo

Celebrations underway all over the region

Thanks to the Regional Council of Tuscany, celebrations for the Etruscan Day 2018 are underway as from 27th August, a symbolic date recalling the assignment of the title of Grand Duke of Tuscany to Cosimo I, Duke of Florence, on 27th August 1569 with a papal bull by Pope Pius V. This event foresaw the establishment of the Regione Toscana and thus the Etruscan Day is part of the programmes which the regional council promotes and supports to celebrate occasions and anniversaries of particular significance regarding Tuscan identity, together with local institutions, civic museums and private cultural and social organizations.
Toscana & Chianti met the President of the Regional Council of Tuscany Eugenio Giani. Why is it important to keep on celebrating the Etruscans year after year with initiatives all over Tuscany? “The Etruscans represent the cultural reference upon which our region’s identity was established, they were the basis for the creation of modern Tuscany which we can date back to when the Grand Duchy of Tuscany was made official, precisely on 27th August, 449 years ago, for which Cosimo I was defined as Magnus Dux Etruriae by Pope Pius V”.
What is modern about them? “The Etruscans are a sign of technological innovation: they passed from the copper and bronze age to the iron one, they are the ones who introduce the technological element which completely transforms life for the community then spreading throughout the rest of Europe; moreover, they are a symbol and an example for the importance women had in their community starting from the importance of the Priestesses and their weight within the family. And finally, but not because less important, they were amazing constructors of cities and countries whether they were in the mountains, valleys, plains which were able to give Tuscany the beauty of an anthropomorphic landscape which maintains the harmony of the natural beauties they found”.
The 2018 ventures include those organized by the Tuscan Municipalities and those proposed by the Regione. Some dates not to be missed:
Municipality of Fiesole (Fi) - In the archaelogical area of Fiesole: safeguarding and enhancement compared, Civic archeological Museum of Fiesole, 22nd September from 3.00pm to 7.00pm: presentation of the restoration work in progress in the Etruscan temple of Fiesole.

Municipality of Buti (Pisa) –From Tuscia to Sardinia, Francesco di Bartolo theatre, 22nd & 23rd September: convention with experts and archeologists of Tuscan and Sardinian universities about archeological discoveries asserting the presence of Etruscans in Sardinia. Photographic exhibition of excavations and historic documents.
Municipality of Chiusi (Si)- Chiusi: in the footsteps of Porsenna: 23rd September, city museums: themed educational games in the city museums with a tour guide.

Information and complete programme of the events: - Hashtag: #GiornataEtruschi