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by Giuliana Cantini, ph. Luca Bracali

Ivan Dimov´s venture

A journey around the world to stir consciences and raise social awareness upon the pollution of the seas. This is the feat that Ivan Dimov, a Bulgarian navigator, is trying to carry out. The voyage is part of the project: “Salviamo il pianeta” ( which Enegan, an Electricity, Gas and Telecommunications Trader committed to environmental issues, is supporting. “Salviamo il pianeta” is a portal of good deeds and awareness for the respect of the environment and eco-sustainability of which Ivan Dimov, together with photographer and explorer Luca Bracali, is ambassador. In this portal, there is news and footage of the most fragile and uncontaminated places in the world, aimed at raising awareness amongst the readers about how much at risk our planet is, thanks to our scarce eco-sustainable behaviour. Dimov left on Sunday, 10th June from La Rochelle, north of France, towards the first destination that of Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. With this journey, Dimov wants to launch a message and do something tangible to draw attention to the quantity of plastic found in the sea. On a 5.90-metre boat called “Minnie” – an absolute record for this kind of endeavor – called Minnie, the skipper will sail for a whole year touching the three capes – Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin and Cape Horn – never berthing and covering 28,000 miles in all. He’ll just take bare necessities for survival for about 200 days (the rest he’ll find for himself) and buoys to recover and signal any plastic found in the sea. During his voyage Dimov will gather the plastic he finds along his route by making real and true floating islands which he will later signal with a buoy for other ships to collect and dispose of on land. At the same time, some water samples will be collected and catalogued which will then be handed over to the Institute of Oceanography of Trieste (OGS) upon his arrival. The OGS will then analyse the samples of plastic and water gathered by the skipper during his solitary journey. OGS will publish the data as open source for all the world’s citizens to see. This approach is an intrinsic part of OGS missions aimed at creating and promoting fundamental scientific knowledge to find practical solutions to problems that afflict our environment.
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