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Marketplaces, globalization of e-commerce


by Giovanni Cianferoni

When in 1995 Internet arrived in Italy, nobody thought it would revolutionize people’s lives, their way of relating to each other and their shopping.

In time, the e-commerce sites have become all the more sophisticated to answer the needs of every kind of customer. To create an online shop nowadays has become as complicated as opening a physical shop and the analogies to make it work are becoming more and more similar.
The secret is to offer an excellent product at a competitive price to as great a number of customers possible: in a few words more customers, more sales. The customers we are talking about, however, must be profiled customers called “lead” in jargon, that is, people who are looking for the product that is being offered and who intend to buy it. There are lots of ways to find these kinds of customers, all complex and expensive, but which make the difference from one site to another.

Otherwise, you can ask for and obtain support from the large marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc.) who have managed to unify a large part of profiled customers and offer suppliers about 250 million leads a month without having to spend a penny. If there is a sale then a percentage of the sale price must be given to the Marketplace (about 15%).

Being present on Amazon means being able to offer one’s products to a global clientele be it American, European or Oriental. A real and true globalization of e-commerce.