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Beyond the limit


by Sandra Massai Fallaci

Over 100 works tell the story of Marina Abramović’s artistic life at Palazzo Strozzi

Just by entering Marina Abramović’s exhibition on at Palazzo Strozzi, one is immediately captured by the expressive power of the artist who, with her need to go beyond the limit of traditional art, takes us into her world, often baffling us. A world starting from a strong, explosive idea: to use performance to transfer sensations and concepts to totally involve the public. Certainly not a new idea: it is enough to think of Dadaism, of Yves Klein, Andy Warhol, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, all those who, from 1962 till today have experimented it as a means of expressing a socio-political message. Indeed, in Abramović the most urgent need, also or above all, springs from a decided rebellion against the situation which she herself grew up in and matured: that of Jugoslavia in the 50s and the following years, with sovietism, the Cold War, the Prague Spring and more. But beware: as she herself warns “…if Art is just politics, it becomes like a newspaper”. It is a risk which she has somewhat warded off with the efficacy of her pictures, using her own body to obtain the maximum resonance of an evident political reference: like the five-pointed star which burns on the floor with her laid out within in, a breathtaking scene. Hers is a controversial figure who has obtained prestigious acknowledgements and created admiration but also perplexities: in any case, there has been, and there still is, great interest in her work because nobody can remain indifferent in front of her works. The soul of her itinerary is the exploration of the duality body-mind and art-life, aiming at “shaking” the public up to the point of rendering it so participating to become an accomplice. Sometimes she’s able to touch very deep strings, heart wrenching feelings, with nearly moving tones: “This is the first exhibition dedicated to a female artist,” Arturo Galansino, general manager of Palazzo Strozzi, explains, “which retraces her artistic life in over 100 works starting from the 60s when Marina Abramović was still in Belgrade up to the 2000s”.



September 21st 2018 - January 20th 2019
Palazzo Strozzi - Piazza Strozzi - Firenze
Tel. 39 055 2645155

Photo credits:
Marina Abramović, Artist Portrait with a Candle (C) dalla serie Places of Power, 2013, Courtesy of Marina Abramović Archives© Marina Abramović by SIAE 2018