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Stefano Ricci Heritage Trophy


by Gianni Mercatali, ph. EgonIpse, Massimo Sestini, Niccolò Cambi

40 dream cars at Palazzo Pitti

Huge turnout for the second edition of the “Stefano Ricci Heritage Trophy” at Piazza Pitti where over forty dream cars coming from the most important international collections were exhibited for a weekend. It was like magic: out of the blue, the square in front of the Palace was covered by a green mantle of grass upon which these forty true automotive jewels were laid down. Models which have made history and the evolution of the four wheels. Thousands of Florentines and tourists were thus able to admire the masterpieces of design and mechanics with a constant flow of visitors. In the “Sport” category, the “Best of” awards were conferred to cars that ran the original Mille Miglia, and on this occasion to the 1954 Pinin Farina GCS A6 Maserati of the Destriero Collection, while in the “Elegance” category, to the 1934 Lancia Asturia IV Serie Convertible Pinin Farina belonging to Salus Karosas. The initiative, as wanted by the Florentine designer, was a tribute to the elegance of the most representative cars produced between the 20s and the 70s. The public was able to discover the history of these cars which are part of the Automotive Masterpieces, also called the Archives of Masterpieces, with the App of the same name which thanks to an innovative technology sends a feed with all the information of the exhibited vehicle. It was the same Stefano Ricci who handed out the awards with a ceremony in the cortile dell’Ammannati of Palazzo Pitti and who opened the evening Celebrity Fight Night made with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and the Mohamed Alì Parkinson Center with the support of Stefano Ricci S.p.A. and the Antico Setificio Fiorentino.