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Famiglia Cecchi Distribuzione tells its story


by Patrizia Samorì, ph. Enrico Lanari

Tasting the three wines proposed by this new trading organization, Italia

The best Tuscan catering, and not just that, was present at the presentation of the new distribution organization of Famiglia Cecchi. A company which, even if it has been living for 125 years amongst vineyards and cellars, only since 2011 has it created, within its own trading organization Italia, a sector dedicated to distribution and therefore to the research of those products and companies that can have quality affinities regarding the product but also of corporate philosophy as regarding the property. Famiglia Cecchi, and it is no chance that it proposes itself with this brand, is nowadays led by the brothers Cesare and Andrea. They are sided by a managerial unit going from the general management to the trading one for Italy and that for the foreign market, to Marketing and Communications. “With these preconditions,” said Luca Stortolani, trading manager Italia, “we commit ourselves to single out those who would have been able to complete and enrich our trading offer so that we can be all the more competitive especially in the horeca* sector.” Therefore, the objective was to expand our line of products miscellaneously considering market trends. ”From the very start,” Stortolani continues, “we approached the Champagne area because we absolutely wanted this kind of wine and we found what we wanted with the Collard-Picard family.” In 2016 it was the turn of Castelfeder. Even in this case, what won Famiglia Cecchi over was the strong characters of its wines but also the values that Famiglia Giovanett has been pursuing since 1969. The agreement with Poggio Antico, a very well-known company in Montalcino, took place this year. A unique tasting session was the one organized by Famiglia Cecchi, who for the occasion proposed Collard-Picard Champagne 1969 vintage, 100% Pinot Meunier, described by Olivier Collard, Castelfeder Chardonnay Riserva Bugum Novum 2010 presented by Famiglia Giovanett, thus Poggio Antico Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 1997 proposed by Federico Trost. With determination, Luca Stortolani leads a group of sales professionals made up of three internal area managers and a network of agents formed by 120 “selling heads”. The company marked the meeting in an exceptional location as the Luxury Hotel Il Salviatino in line with the image of its products.

*horeca: short for “hotels, restaurants, catering”