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The roar of the “Leonessa”


by Giuliana Cantini

Pelago and its cycling tourism

A cycling tourism itinerary to get to know the beauty of the area of Pelago better. The 80-kilometre-long itinerary is called “Leonessa” wholly dedicated to cycling tourists and all those who want to enjoy the wonderful scenery of Valdisieve. The idea for this project was born simply after the vintage historical cycling event, precisely called “La Leonessa”, which has been animating these areas for the last four years. So much has been the appreciation of the contestants that it has been decided to render these streets accessible all year round.
It is a track of 80 km, nearly all dirt roads: zero km is marked in the county town, in the charming piazza Ghiberti of Pelago; the route then proceeds to Paterno, Tosi and goes down to Donnini and Carbonile. From here it goes uphill and reaches where ancient fort of Altomena used to be which is now a farm producing a world-famous oil, going once more to Paterno and to Pelago to then make a rush to a new hill towards Diacceto and Ferrano. After that, it crosses a stretch of slightly sloping ground which leads to Ristonchi going decidedly uphill: cycling 8 km of a dirt road you reach Consuma in piazza La Pira, the highest point of the bike ride.
At this point, the worst is over and you begin to go down towards Borselli, touching Tosina and Pomino where it is possible to stop for a break and admire two beautiful country parish churches to go on the road again towards Rimaggio and Castiglioni. After a short stretch on the busy SS67 to reach the county town of Rufina, you go uphill once more towards Casi and Falgano reaching Poggio del Commissario. The last 10 km will also be full of surprises because you will find yourselves in the beautiful hamlet of Nipozzano, seat of the castle of the counts Guidi, today owned by the Marchesi Frescobaldi. The final lap takes the cycling tourists back to Pelago.
The itinerary can be done from April to October but what we advise is to take part in the historic cycling event (it will take place on 28th and 29th April in 2019), equipping yourselves with vintage clothes and bicycles made before the 80s. Apart from the wonderful landscape you will find yourselves immersed in another era, for a real and true blast from the past when cycling was truly an adventure.

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