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Summer is at its end


by Gianni Mercatali

But not the longing for Tuscany

When this issue will be on the newsstands we can sing like Righeira did in 1985: “L’estate sta finendo” (Summer is ending). Precisely, the “Shot on Site” pieces remind us of some instants from the last season on the beach of Versilia while the other topics carry on telling us about our region which this time portrays the towers of San Gimignano on its cover. Discover the landscape through ancient Monteriggioni, lake Massaciuccoli better known as Lake Puccini while the countryside with its rows of vines comes alive in the story of Villa Rosa in the Chianti Classico area. But Tuscany is not just landscapes but also “know how”. It is not by chance that Istituto Marangoni, historic international school of fashion has opened a branch in Florence in the traditional via Tornabuoni. Also born in Tuscany is Giuliana Michelotti, an artist who has lived in New York for about 20 years and whose sculpture-jewellery represents the best in research regarding new materials and manufacturing techniques: Chiara Voliani enthusiastically describes the collections displayed at various exhibitions. One of our collaborators, in search of the most exclusive craftsmanship, dug up Antica Occhialeria, a workshop which is part of the Historic Florentine Shops and lives thanks to the passion of the Di Nardo family, already at its third generation. This issue is further enriched with photo shoots by Lido Vannucchi, a photographer from Lucca, whose subjects “scrape” the darkness to make light. And as regarding pictures we have the extravagant history of the famous Principe di Piemonte in Viareggio in the feature “The way we were”. Also included is the story of the elegant ANT moment at the Salone dei Cinquecento at Palazzo Vecchio. Marco Gemelli, instead, goes over the 10 years of the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence with an interview to the super senior manager Patrizio Cipollini, recalling the valid chef Vito Mollica and his pastry chef Domenico Di Clemente. The journey in search of vintage dwellings of our Tuscany continues with a stop at Villa Le Calvane near Montespertoli which becomes a “gourmet” stop at the restaurant, La Terrazza.